A scrapbook of tips, BTS, suggestions and memories and other ramblings
  • Lets Talk About Our Brand Values! 💚🧡❤️💙💜

    We want to share with you what makes us tick, what gives us the fuel to create and why we do it! We have 4 core brand values, which helps to guide us in our mission here at Gisel & the Fish.

  • 5 Ways We Are Different To Other Brands

    Sustainability is something we feel very passionate about here at Gisel & the Fish and we have thought about it throughout the design process.⁠

  • Get To Know Our Prints

    Gisel & the Fish are all about the bold prints! We want them to stand out, be fun and be different to anything else you can find out there!!!🌈⁠

  • Groovy Chick!! ❤️

    A special Galentines Day limited edition print. Not just for the chicks, this print is unisex for those who love and splash of colour and have a whimsical persona!⁠

  • Sunrise!! 🧡

    This print is hugely influenced by psychedelic artwork from the 60s. Combining artwork adorned with hippie chicks, the fluid lines of Pucci and a little bit of The Beetles sergeant pepper thrown in for good measure. ⁠☮️

  • Watercolours!! 💛⁠

    Our most understated and subtle print, its for those who still want to make an impact, but in a quiet way! 😁⁠

  • Waves!! 💙

    I am a huge lover of the 60s and 70s, and take so much influence from the design of that time. When I was studying Fashion Design, I often mood boarded images from that era to use as a backdrop to both print and shape design. ☮️⁠

  • 80s Vibe!!💜

    As an 80s child, I lived in bold geometric, prints growing up. The colours from the 80s and early 90s were always clashing, neon and most definitely not subtle! ⁠🌈⁠

  • Green Aztec!! 💚⁠

    It’s bold colours and fluid lines were pretty much born from messing about with the iPad (or as I like to call it, a brain fart!)⁠

  • Rainbows!! 🧡

    Rainbows is our most intricate print, and one of our most popular. 🌈 ⁠

  • Gisel and the fish's Christmas gift guide

    Our Christmas Gift List

    A selection of the top 21 christmas gifts under £35 from our fav indie sellers (as well as a few of our own bits!)

  • 🧡Meet The Team!!!💛⁠

    Gisel and the Fish are a new, growing brand, and everything is created, made, shipped by me, myself and I. Hi, I am Carla! Nice to meet you all! 👋⁠

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