🧡Meet The Team!!!💛

🧡Meet The Team!!!💛

We use the term 'we' and 'team' loosely here!🤪

Gisel and the Fish are a new, growing brand, and everything is created, made, shipped by me, myself and I. Hi, I am Carla! Nice to meet you all!👋

I don’t share my face too much on the grid but you might see me pop up now and again!! I’m aiming to be more front facing this coming year! So watch out for my mug!

I use the term team because my beaut family make up the rest of the Gisel & the Fish.💕

My little shrimpette Isla is the muse and model for the brand. Without her, I wouldn't have stumbled into kids clothes. 🦐⁠

My husband Luke is another core team member. He's stayed up 'til the late hours labelling clothes and helping me attach poppers and being my no.1 cheerleader. 📣

Being a one man band (with a tiny human to look after) means a lot of late nights, working weekends and never being able to switch off. But I know that’s the creative life we choose and so many other small businesses out there are exactly the same!! It’s the price we pay for trying to follow our passion right!!! 🌈