Carla, the creator of Gisel and The Fish, has always been an avid Fashion follower but never dreamed that she would be able to start a career doing something she loved. After far too many silly years of trying to be a big town finance businesswoman, she decided to focus on her passion for fashion and re-trained in fashion design. Baby clothes were never on the top of her list, but after her muse Isla came along it was a no brainer. Who wouldn’t want to design clothes for the most natural poser in the world?  

Dare To Dream

Carla started off by making Isla clothes out of scraps, vintage fabrics and preloved fabrics like old duvets and curtains. This developed into starting to designing her own fabrics prints and then garment shapes. She was a new mother, knee high in dirty re-usable nappies and trying to make creative weaning recipes when she thought “I’ll add a few other things to my ever growing to do list and start a business!” Crazy maybe, but she certainly does love to have a creative project on the go and this was the project of a life time!!!

Our Ethos

Our ethos for the brand is to focus on garments which stand the test of time! As an 80s child, Carla took influence from the baby clothes that she wore growing up and found they were much more robust, with a way cooler style than clothes today!!!

As parents, we know from experience that kids grow up fast and it is crazy how many items of clothing you will get through in the first year of their life. As part of our ethos, we wanted to design clothing which lasts longer, spanning more months than standard baby clothing so they can be worn over and over again.  

Our design process focuses on making the business as sustainable as possible, so we do not keep any stock. Our team make all pieces to order, by hand, in our studio in Brighton. We focus on using sustainable materials in all aspects of the production and dispatching, which will leave no trace.

  • All Weathers

    We have designed the items to be worn all year round. You can layer shorts with tights and wear bodysuits underneath for colder months, or wear with a vest in the summer. This should allow more wear out of the items year round.   

  • All Genders

    The items are all gender neutral which means that they can be passed down to siblings, friends and family and there is no need for them to go to landfill (god forbid!) or sold on.

  • All Sizes

    As parents who use re-usable nappies, we have struggled with finding clothes to fit over the giant bum!!! With this in mind, we have focused on baggier, voluminous styles which will allow your baby to grow into them and they still look super cute.

Kind To The Planet

Sustainability is something we feel very passionate about here at Gisel and the Fish and we have thought about it throughout the design process, manufacturing and through to our packaging and postage.

You can read our full sustainability pledge by clicking the link below.

Helping Our Planet