Rainbows!! 🧡

Rainbows!! 🧡

Rainbows is our most intricate print, and one of our most popular. 🌈 ⁠

I started this design many years ago when I was studying Fashion Design as part of one of my projects. I created the drawing on Illustrator, and even tested it on screen print. Once I finished my project the design got forgotten as I moved on with the next idea. 🎨⁠

I stumbled upon it again whilst looking for something on my laptop and thought I could develop it further to work as a repeat. I added in the clouds and stars and played around with perspective and scale.

I wanted the print to be able to be used in both directions to ensure we minimise waste when cutting so it meant looking at how the different elements were placed. ⭐️⁠

I think of all the prints it took me the longest to create, as everything is drawn individually on illustrator and then layered on photoshop. Something I’m most certainly not a pro at, so it can take a while!!!

When creating prints I wanted to create something that both parent and baby would happily wear, and although this is the most childlike of all my designs, it is also so fun I just had to include it in my collection. 💖⁠