Our prints are all designed in house. We use a combination of hand drawn and computed aided design to create our bold look to make your babes look cool AF.
  • Sunrise

    Hand drawn abstract sunrise which reflects into itself. For the more adventurous fashionista who wants to make a bold statement

  • 80s Vibe

    Inspired by the outfits of our youth and Saved By The Bell, this CAD designed print is a winner for all bébés.

  • Green Aztec

    Hand drawn design, featuring the all knowing eye in a bold green print.

  • Waves

    Hand drawn waves inspired by the fluid psychedelic designs of the 60s for all the cool cats out there.

  • Watercolours

    A more subtle option, this CAD design print still offers a colourful option for the less daring out there.

  • Rainbows

    This CAD drawing design is totally for the kids!!! Perfect for festival dwellers who want to be seen!